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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Just a thought.

Now that I subscribe to Paula Deen's magazine, thanks to one very special Jessica...

I've been reading it.

And she's throwing a "spook party" for Halloween.

Is it just me... or should a Southern Lady over the age of 40 not call a Halloween a "Spook Party?"

I know, it has a totally innocent connotation behind the name.

But still? Spook party?

It would SOUND equally as racist if she called it a jump n' jive party at the Juke Joint with the Darkies.

So -- Editors at Paula Deen Magazine - take note: Spook is a word that should be used SPARINGLY at most for the next couple more decades.

Hey Stingrays - Stop stabbing people.

Hey Stingrays -

Quit it. Stop barbing people in the chest.

You're giving yourselves a bad name.