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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


War is hell, I guess. And there are a lot of casualties we don't see or hear about. I stumbled upon this site while wandering through blogs...

I'm sharing it here. It's not safe for work. And it's got grisly images of the dead. You're warned.

Here it is.

Why haven't we seen these? They're not nice, but... shouldn't we be seeing this? "Civilian casualties" is a really cold word for... what's on that site. This war has lasted longer than our involvement in WWII.

If we as a country were to see these images, like the Americans saw the newsreel footage of the mounds of bodies of children and the elderly being steamshoveled into mass graves during WWII...would that motivate us to reassess the value of what's going on? And speak a little louder?