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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hmmm. An epiphany...

I had an epiphany this evening while ironing for work at a profession I dislike:

I wonder if, in some negotiating conversations with an unrepresented possible defendant, the phrase, "Look. This is what my Client is offering. I'm telling you I think it's a good deal to settle this out... but, it's your decision, and it puts money in my pocket to go after the money in yours," would go over?

I'm thinking it would totally put someone on the defensive, but would LOVE to use it some day and have it work!

SuperBee Endorses:


And the Booze that he's drinking these days is St. Germain elderflower artisanal liqueur.

The bottle is tall, art noveau-inspired and gorgeous.

The liqueur is...

Fucking fantastic.

Drink it with soda...


A/C and Knishes.

My air got fixed today. I nailed what the problem was. $230 bucks later, I have cold air again. Hooray.

I had a realization today: I've never actually had a good potato knish.

I went to Arnie & Ritchie's Deli tonight to grab a pastrami on rye and a knish (I'm not keeping Pesach... shoot me) because I was feeling sad about the Rascal House's demise.

The people inside Arnie & Ritchies were lovely. Warm, attentive. I loved it.

The interior has been too recently redone (feh!) and their menu didn't have a ton of the ethnic stuff I like (Kishkie?!) and had stuff I hate (herring!) but I'll probably go back... still, it doesn't take the place of Rascal House.

Anyhoozle - I got a knish. From the deli case. Has anyone had a freshly made knish? I have these memories (or fantasies?) about knishes, where they're warm, and small, and fluffy and two-bite size, and not full of chalky day-old mashed potato, wrapped in soggy, microwaved pastry.

I feel like when I was younger, I used to eat them at my grandmother's house, or at Bar Mitzvahs, or... well hell, I don't know where. I mean, if I did, I wouldn't be having this stream-of-consciousness ramble.

But try and try, and try as I might, I can never get a knish that matches what I remember them tasting like.

They're always scorchingly hot in places, and cold in others, with mealy insides and floppy outsides. Disappointing.