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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yuppie... but what else.

Tonight, I drove home in my Mercedes, desperately needing a night in, where I had NO social commitments. I decided I wanted something colorful for dinner (and stress-buster herbs) so I swung by my Whole Foods (ahem: Wild Oats. That place still ain't a Whole Foods, I don't care what the bags say...) and picked up some bean thread noodles, sweet Thai chili sauce, baby bok-choi, red peppers, cilantro, bulk salted roasted cashews, tofu, Kava-Kava and Valerian.

I went through Whole Foods exhausted and dead-eyed in my suit, but made pleasant enough conversation with the cashier... who surmised I was cooking Thai stir-fry. Gold star for her.

Then I drove home to my upside-down-valued condominium-on-the-water, grabbed my mail, looked at my Netflix, and saw that after making my stir fry, listening to 1960s Samba on Pandora (on my iPhone) I would be watching Spellbound, a documentary about spelling bees.

And in the elevator up, I became horribly depressed at how... cliched it seems: Exhausted by a soul-sucking professional job I hate (BUT HAVE, THANK GOD!); German car (sadly, not a hybrid); Whole Foods; Excessive Debt but a nice view; Bean Threads; Netflix Documentary...

Feel free to kick in adjectives that are not "Yuppie;" "Gay (or any variation thereof - ADRIENNE;" or "Poor-little-rich-boy." What IS this existence I'm living? It's not awful - I'm luckier than a damn sight most - I'm not UNHAPPY... but I'm not happy. I'm just... here. Doin' my thing. What's my thing?