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Monday, November 06, 2006

How do you think people come back in Heaven?

How do you think your loved ones look when they're in Heaven?

I don't want to die, and, assuming that an afterlife actually exists, float up to find my grandmother as a 22 year old. I want my grandmother to be a sprightly 73 year old woman, and I want my grandfather to be a spry 80 year old man. But also not the husks that we bunged into Shara Tfilo cemetery...

I want them to be healthy and active, but still my grandmother and my grandfather. I don't want to go drinking with them. I want to be 10, and I want them to be old. I want my grandmother to cut bananas on my Rice Krispies, and give me hard candies and Jell-o with Cool Whip, and I want my grandfather to be old and bald and bring me crap from the Thrift Store. I want to watch Nickelodeon in their back room, and I want to go to sleep on cold, clean-smelling sheets on a folding twin-bed under a Cuckoo Clock, near my grandmother's sewing machine and chair where the cushion lifted off to reveal an entire seat's worth of thread.

After I die, that's what I hope it's like. I want it to be July, 1990 again, and I want to know that the next day, we're going to take the T into Boston, and bring popcorn to Boston Common, and feed the birds after we ride the swanboats.

That's what I want.