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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Okay. What I look like.

I guess maybe there's some curiosity as to what I look like. Especially after my manorexic last posting.

I look like the Lead Singer here. Same haircut, same affected homo-gasmic mannerisms. When I talk, I oft roll my eyes back in my head just like he does when he really starts to "wail."

Nah. Not really. But when I was little, I looked like a dirtier, more annoying version of that kid that runs around in buckskins the entire movie. With gnarly teeth. Thanks, braces! And thanks Mer (two shoutouts in one week! You're famous!) for the link. Although my current haircut pushes the "conservative lawyer" envelope now (spiky) I think I can extend it a bit further, and wear that shag-new-wave-mullet that Limahl or whatever his name is, rocks here.