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Monday, July 31, 2006

You Tube is making me access long-forgotten parts of my brain...

Today's Special.

One of my FAVORITE shows when I was a tot. And, apparently, one of the reasons I'm gay.

Seriously. Gayest thing I have EVER seen.

But continuing...

Twenty-Six year old people... listen to the song once... then listen to it again. You'll know all the words before they sing them. Because you knew them once.

Did you know...

Did you know that we had a Supreme Court Justice named Willis Van Devanter? I had even heard of Mahlon Pitney... but Van Devanter? Who knew?

Oh, yeah. Afterthought...

The Presidential Motorcade went by my office this morning. Big Effing Deal. As I counted 30+ motorcycle cops accompanying the president, I also thought about how, if I were a Sniper, and if I had known that the President was coming past my office building, it would have been really easy to shoot him. But I would never do that.

Still, wishful thinking...

As I stared at the hundreds of people accompanying him, I also thought, "I'm paying for this." Yay, Federal Taxes. I'm glad that the ginormous bite that gets taken out of my check every month goes to things like blowing up Iraqi civilians and paying some stupid, fat Miami Cop overtime pay to speed down a completely empty 836, and not towards Public Television or Stem Cell Research.

I guess my points are thus: 1) I thought Republicans wanted a small government; 2) I'm jaded...President Schmesident; 3) ...Well, in this day and age of Censorship and Secret Courts and Prisons, I think my thought #3 is illegal to pen; I don't want the Feds to get all Schenck v. New York on me... I'd hate to incite an evil that Congress has the right to prevent during "wartime..."

Miami Spice

Is it just me, or are the menus for Miami Spice this year... shitty?

For those of you who don't know what Miami Spice is, it's a month-long deal, where there is a Price-Fixe menu offered at some of the best restaurants in Miami. They include Appetizer, Entree and Dessert. Lunch is (used to be) $20 and Dinner $30. Now Lunch is $20.06 and Dinner is $30.06. The six cents are sort of annoying, but...whatever. I guess Campo..whatever the Sponsor is this year, ain't as generous as before.


I guess my qualm is because I don't like anything that lives in water or sand (and no, hydroponic lettuce is not in that category.) Now, watch. You'll say, "Not even Lobster?" "Not even crabs?" "Not even shrimp?" "Not even ___________?"

No. No fish, no seafood, no freshwater fish/shellfish. Nothing. If it's aquatic, I don't eat it. It's amazing to me how I can make this blanket statement, that covers what I won't eat, and people will still ask me whether I'll eat it or not. No seaweed. NO. NO SALMON. NO LOX. NO! NO! NO! And trust me, I know what I'm missing, and I'm not missing it. I don't like it.

So, usually Miami Spice has a lot of appetizers/entrees that aren't TOTALLY fish related, you can get around it.

This year, however, I'm finding that a lot of the places have all fish appetizers or all fish entrees.

No biggie, it just means that I'm not going to go there for Miami Spice.

But it's sort of annoying. Like... put ONE non-fish appetizer on the goddamn menu. I'll be perfectly happy eating a fried goat cheese salad (seems to be the uncreative non-fish default dish) but PUT ONE on the menu. Having baby crabcake soufflee with a wild basil reduction and mango chips or Sake tempura shrimp skewers with scallop sauce... well, neither of those are even possibilities for me. Gimmie a salad.

Oh well. I'm sure I can still gain a couple pounds this year at Miami Spice. But not in a lot of places I had wanted to try...