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Monday, December 04, 2006

Memo to Brittney

Oh my god.

Your anovaginal area looks... crusty.

And nice C-Section Scar.

Click on the pics (I know, like you haven't seen them EVERYWHERE ELSE already, but I like to do my part) and be warned they're NOT work safe.

Oh, God, it's more complicated than I thought!

Apparently, my food pyramid was WAYYYY out of Date.

I was essentially endorsing a sony Walkman Cassette Player as current innovative technology.

www.mypyramid.gov is where it's at now. And no, it's not at all LESS COMPLEX, however, it lets you make your own pyramid!

Here's mine. Fatty.

Short hiatus.

I essentially amputated the top third of my left thumbnail (read: thumb) on Saturday.

As such, I cannot type very well, and I don't want to subject the mutilated remains of one of my most important digits to unneeded vibrations or banging while I'm trying to let it heal.

So, I'm not going to post much for the next couple of days (OH GOD, WHY!?) until it heals, and I can' take the bandages off of it, without wanting to THROW UP IN MY MOUTH.

Maybe later on today, I'll take a picture of my thumb and put it up there. I'll do that when I change "the dressing" this evening.

Until then, I ran across this blog which is hilarious and wonderful, and you should read that.