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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm so sorry. I simply have to post this.

My "CyberRomance" Meg at You Look Really Great. You Look Really Sexy is feeling a little glum right now, because she's going through the oscillating waves of a breakup. After I left her a supportive and totally "Oh my god, honey, We'll get through this, what you need right now is a Pint of Ben n' Jerry's and a Mug of Camomile Tea, and We can Curl up and watch Baby Boom and feel better!" gay comment, Andy (who I won't even bother linking to until he gets his shit together and his blog actually WORKS, because I don't want to direct you to "THIS PAGE IS UNAVAILABLE RIGHT NOW"), as usual left me a scathing comment, which, as usual, is all in good fun.


All in good fun, I left the following comment, and received accolades on it! Now... I'm not saying that it's highbrow humor or anything... but if you know Andy... and can imagine the scene, it's quite amusing. QUITE AMUSING.

SuperBee said...

If there is a just and Merciful God, if and when Andy ever attempts to get married, his bride will walk down the aisle, and as soon as she gets to the first set of pews, she will hike up her dress, squat, shit in her hand, fling it at Andy, and scream, "I NEVER LOVED YOU, MOTHERFUCKER! THE WEDDING'S OFF!"

And then she'll run out of the Church/Bar where he plans on getting married and he'll stand there, with a log of shit rolling down his stupefied face, as all assembled friends and family members point and laugh. Ha. Ha. Ha.

And then, to make matters worse, Andy will simultaneously burst into soggy tears, and shit himself in front of everyone.

Which will just make everyone laugh harder.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Now THAT'S comedy!

1/11/2007 3:59 PM

New Texan said...

Greatest. Comment. Ever.

1/11/2007 5:23 PM

dmbmeg said...

whatever, I heard the NY bar exam is easy. I mean, I bet I could pass the damn thing right now. Without studying. Or going to law school

i have already addressed this comment accordingly. No need to give you the attention you apparently so desperately want by getting me all riled up. Be careful or I wont be sending you any more "dick in a box" text messages when I am drunk

thanks. i know you got my back!

there is one thing wrong with this comment, and only one thing. I don't think there is a woman stupid enough to agree to marrying Andy in the first place. Unless the was plotting to humiliate him just cause it's fun. Actually, that's an idea.

Either way. I agree with New Texan.

1/11/2007 6:09 PM

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