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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So I was dicking around on Facebook, because an old, old, old friend had requested me, and I was poking around a girl's profile who was a year older in high school, meaning she's recently had her 10-year reunion.

And she had pictures from it on her profile.

And everyone in those pictures looked... old.

Not like, OLD, old, but old like, "You're past the best-looking years of your life," old, where, you know that most of them have begun the long, slow slide into... the very earliest stage of middle-agedness.

I guess I don't see the laugh lines and chubbiness in my friends, or the odd nose-jobs they've gotten, because I see them regularly.

But to see a picture of a person ten years later, who you last knew right before they were going to ENTER the best looking years of their lives...

It's trippy.

And it's scary. Because that means that some of us (me excluded, I'm still getting better looking) are going to be getting uglier next year. Hell, I already know some of my friends who are plunging headlong into baldness and Dockers khakis.

Just... weird.