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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sid and Marty Krofft... Thank you.

Why I've had nothing to say:

Well -

I've been home for a spell, and now that I'm back, things are really hitting the fan. Work is busy, which is good. But my secretary's father is dying (rapidly) and so it's sort of thrown the office into chaos. I feel like I haven't sat down for a minute, so I haven't had any time to blog about anything.

I imagine it'll be slow blogging for the next few days, as we all shuttle off to the hospital to stay with her and her father in the evenings. Last night I was there until 9:00, then had to go to the Dubya Dee to get stuff to make her baked ziti with sauce. After making sauce and ziti, and finally pulling it out at 11:30 and bunging it into the fridge at midnight... I'm sort of bushed.

So, my apologies if I'm neither commenting as frequently or posting as frequently for the next few days. As my office is sort of a family, even though this isn't my grandfather, I still feel sort of obligated to give her support as much as I can. So, zitis will be made, and visits will be arranged.

I've really wowed one of the other ladies in the office, though. Last night, as I was leaving, I said "Goodnight" to the Nurse's station. This morning, when she came in, the first thing she said to me was, "I hope my daughters marry someone like you." I blushed and thanked her, and then she went on to tell me that good manners are nonexistent in Miami (true.) and she was shocked to see me say "Goodnight" to the Nurses, because NO ONE in Miami would think to do such a thing... She told me my parents did, "A really good job," with me.

It takes so little effort to make a good impression and brighten someone's day... lots of the time, I forget that...

Okay. Done rambling. There's your update, I'll hopefully post more interesting and entertaining things soon!