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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Open Letter to the 2004 Mercedes C230 Kompressor Owners of Miami

Dear Miami and Regional Owners of Sedan Model, Automatic Transmission Mercedes C230 Kompressors in Black, Silver or Dark Blue, with Beige leather interiors,

Please trade your cars in to somewhere that's not going to charge me basically sticker price for your stinky old used car.

I need a car. I have decided upon yours. I do not like the 2-door model, it looks stupid and I can't see out the back window. I will not drive a stickshift anymore in Miami. Furthermore, what were you all thinking buying a car in White, Gold, Red, Beige, etc.?

Seriously. Here's what I need: A black, four-door, beige leather interior, with keyless entry, 2004 Mercedez-Benz C230 Kompressor, in Automatic. I'd take midnight blue or silver as well. Actually, silver may be better...less hot down here.

Anyhoo. Please sell me your cars. And who are you kidding? It's a 2004. You're NOT going to get 30K out of it. Be realistic.