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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sold a baby. A white baby.

This weekend.

I had guests in town this weekend. I did a LOT. I'm getting sick.

(Thanks, Florida Room!)

Highlight of the weekend: Maria Jose Arjona's Karaoke at Gallery Diet where Maria Jose stood in her red-dye spattered shirt (looked like she stabbed a guy... couple guys... smoked crack cocaine. crack cocaine. sold a baby. a white baby. for a lot of money...) and a gleamingly white chiffon floor-length skirt and sang an Edith Piaf song over and over again into a microphone until she lost her voice.

It was utterly transfixing, and was the piece that stood out most to my out-of-town guests, as the the only other highlight of Art Walk was Pepe Mar's installation at David Castillo's gallery. But it was a given I'd like Pepe's stuff, because he's such a sweetheart, and one of my everywhere people, and I always just want to give him a big ole' hug whenever I run into him.

Also receiving two enthusiastic thumbs up: Indomania at Collins and 26th street. I think All Purpose Dark wrote about this place, extolling its virtues, and I echo every one of her sentiments. Dinner was FANTABULOUS, service was attentive, the owners actually cared if we liked the food, and we had a glowing time there. I can't stop telling every person I talk to about how wonderful it was.

Receiving a big thumbs down: Michael's Genuine. This is the second time I've been there, and the second time I've left vowing never to return. I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to restaurants. But when you give me (and the eight other people I went there with the first time I went) explosive diarrhea -- that's count 1 against you.

When you're out of everything we order, and the waiter is a total douche who wants to upcharge you three bucks for a ramekin of DIP when they're out of the potato chips you order, and commits other sundry atrocities...

Let's just say that the crispy sweet n' sour pork belly, no matter HOW ADDICTIVE AND DREAMY IT IS, doesnt' make up for the disappointing meal...

But that's going to be an entire post unto itself.

Again: Indomania = Good. Pepe Mar = Good. Maria Jose Arjona = Good.

Michael's Genuine = Bad. (More on that later.)