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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Russian Futurists, et al.

My latest discovery, from the guy who brought you "Paper Planes" before the song took off, thanks to Pineapple Express: The Russian Futurists. This isn't my FAVORITE, FAVORITE song (These Seven Notes) but it's close enough... actually not really, but it's catchy all the same:

Next is Walter Meego's "Girls," which, regrettably, has no video, but it's the song no less. Which is also uber catchy:

Lastly, for this session, we have The Ting Tings, Great DJ, which Youtube won't let me embed here (jerks) but you can have a listen here.

And that's the latest from Superbee, keeping you cooler than most since 2005 (Wow, that's a long time.)