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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Teen Buzz, the Mosquito Ring

I read about this ringtone that adults can't hear.

There are like four samples of it on this site. I can hear all of them except for the very last one. The one that's reportedly the ringtone...makes me nauseous. It hurts... As this sound was developed as a teen-repellant, I can see why. If some place was making that noise, which adults apparently can't hear, I'd stay away too.

Link here.

On being Head-Hunted.

I got a call at my office yesterday (Yes, ugh. My OFFICE.) From a headhunter. At first I was dismissive and told her I was very happy where I am.

And then I thought about it. And then I emailed her back.

And now I'm waiting to hear back from her. It would be with a small downtown outpost of a LARGE firm. I would be doing commercial litigation. They're looking for a 1st year associate in the top 10-15% of their class.

That's... me!

Will keep you posted. Out of loyalty I don't even want to consider it. But, then again, there is the 35K bump in yearly salary. I just wonder how much of my hide they'll want for that extra bump... And I wonder whether leaving my current job would make me a bad person. And I wonder whether I'll find the grass much browner on the other side... I know that leaving my current spot would be giving up a good thing...